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Magic Bean?

12 Dec


Move over Channing Tatum (as Magic Mike)!  My friend and I bought a LivingSocial to Jordin’s Paradise,  a dance and fitness-studio in DC that offers a wide variety of workout and dance combination classes.  One of said classes is Pole Intro- thus the Magic Mike reference.  Yup, we decided to channel our inner sexy dancer and learn some moves on the pole.  Talk about a new fitness experience!  The class setting was small and intimate- us and 4 others including Rania, the instructor and founder of Jordin’s Paradise.  In an hour’s time we warmed up/ cooled down and learned a complete routine in between.

My favorite was learning this spin move called a Fireman.  If you have been to a strip club or seen pole dancing scenes in movies, you’ve probably seen that move.  I wouldn’t say my friend and I did it with so much grace.  Bruises on my legs and arms for the next week reflect that.  The rest of the class included learning other very basic techniques like how to strike certain poses, booty pop (exactly what it sounds like), and other generally racey slow gyrating moves you’d associate with this sort of dancing.  It was one of those really in touch with how you move type experiences.  You certainly use strength a lot and I can see where toning comes in.

Jordin’s Paradise also offers classes like Zumba, Flirty Chair Dance, Tango, Cardio Kickboxing, Pole-yoga-lates, Pole Dance Aerobics,  N.B.A. (Nothing But Abs) and more.  Good thing we have 2 more classes to go on our LivingSocial deal because there are definitely some of these I want to test drive- namely the Flirty Chair Dance and perhaps more expansion on my pole dancing move arsenal.  HA! Because I’m such a pro with one class under my belt and all…

What new fitness experiences have you all been taking on?