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A Week of Crab Take 1: Crab Feast Amongst Friends

24 Jul

A few months ago we decided we’d round up some couples and host a crab feast.  We were able to round two fantastic couple groups.  Bryan grabbed his work bff and I grabbed one of mine (it’s a toss up with my friend Claire and my work husband (WH), Gleason) and their sig others.  Claire’s husband’s younger brother was also in town so he would join the fun!  After lots of research, we decided we’d grab Maryland Blue Crabs offered from a local restaurant called Quarterdeck.  For about $40/ person, everyone could have between 6-8 crabs each depending on the available size that day.  We simply had to call a half hour- 45 minutes early and they would steam and season them for us to pick up.

As for the crab feast logistics, we had each group pay their way for the crabs and bring their fav adult beverage.  We would be providing chips and guac, homemade pulled pork sandwiches, fresh corn on the cob, and s’mores (we have a firepit in our backyard).  I cannot express to you how excited I’d been to buy two items relevant to this feast.  One being JUMBO marshmallows for the s’mores.  They are massive- like the size of a fist.  Swoooon 🙂  The other item being a Butter Boy.  You insert a half stick of butter at the bottom and remove his head to reveal a bit of the butter stick protruding.  You simply glide this along your corn on the cob.  It was a whopping $6 at Bed Bath and Beyond and brings me way more joy than any $6 kitchen item should.  In no way is this depressing.  You know you want one…


Bryan owned the pulled pork as he is the guru for that thrown together kind of crockpot recipe.  Fun Fact: his best batch was this one time he came back fairly intoxicated from a night having drinks with friends.  Since there were 7 of us, we bought something like 9- 10 lbs between 2 pork shoulders (including bone and fat).  Luckily, we own 2 crock pots.  Bryan has a fancy pants one equipped with digital timer.  Mine is a standard one with Warm, Low, and High and thus GASP!… you have to manually time whatever you’re concocting.  Timing with regard to cooking is not B’s strong suit.  Sorry babe for the call out.  He had started the pulled pork preparations too late the evening before.  As such, he had to set an alarm to wake up around 4 am to shred the pork and add some additional ingredients.  He got a great middle of the night snack in.  It was so good in fact that a pulled pork sandwich was his choice for the next morning’s breakfast.  He had more later that day too.  Luckily, there was plenty to share haha.

We had a good  amount of crab and pork left over to carry us through the week.  Everyone hit the ready to move on to satisfying their sweet tooth at the same time.  We also had an impending thunderstorm to worry about.  To the backyard we went to roast those massive ‘mallows!  The chocolate bars had melted a bit too since we were outside making the s’mores even more fantastic.  Stay tuned this week for our use of the left over crab…