Hiking Mount Tamalpais

20 Mar


Just north of San Fran’s Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful Mount Tamalpais.  The views are simply spectacular capturing Marin County hills, San Fran Bay, the east bay, Mount Diablo and the Farrallon Islands 25 miles out to sea depending on where you are viewing from.  There are 50+ miles of trails in the Mount Tamalpais State Park system.  On the various trails, a hiker may come across all sorts of animal life (even bobcats/ mountain lions although you hope NOT to have a run in with those guys), the tall and majestic Redwood trees, and all sorts of plant and fauna life.  It’s so vast and the beauty just sucks you in.  That is probably why it was so easy to get lost when I hiked this with one of my oldest friends (who now lives in Sacramento and attends McGeorge Law School of the University of the Pacific).

Ohhhh yeah did we ever get lost.  Becca put me in charge of navigating the map which had suggested trail routes  that the ranger had outlined for us.  I know people will just say this plenty of the time, but truthfully I generally have a great sense of direction.  Somehow we just got sucked into the beautiful scenery and lost our way.   See the photo below.  The yellow indicates the route we were supposed to embark upon.  The purple shows where and how early in (about 1/2 mile) we started heading the wrong way.  The “You Are Here” indicates where we ended up.  We were about 2 miles off route.  We realized this around 5:45 pm and while the days have gotten longer, the sunlight is not on your side for several more hours by that time.  We hoofed it back up hill- pretty steep up hill to boot.  Somehow we got back in an hour or less even in spite of the incline. 

  mt tamalpais map

Even this directionally challenged incident did not ruin our time.  It was pretty entertaining actually.  We also got much more of an awesome workout than we thought we would.  Here are few more photos of this beautiful hike in Cali.  Go check it out if you visit the San Fran area anytime soon!  My only caution is to pay BETTER attention to your map 🙂




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