Boo! Halloween Highlights

5 Nov

Having a few days at home due to Hurricane Sandy closing the federal government led to more opportunities to cook things.  I had planned to bake a brownie-based baked good for Bryan and then make it fabulously Halloween-themed.  I did some perusing on Pinterest and Google and arrived at Graveyard Brownies being THE one.  There were a bunch of versions so I simply pulled from several to end up with exactly what I wanted although some people poked fun at my “grass” (green-tinted coconut flakes) layout being illogical (Yeah, Mike I’m talking to you).   I grabbed the most fudge-laden brownie mix box possible, followed those directions, leaving most of the work to decorating scene.  Overall, I was thrilled how it turned out.  The only lessons learned were changing up the “grass” layout and buying a thicker/more substantial cookie.  The Pepperidge Farm Bordeaux cookies had the texture and squared off shape that I wanted for the tombstones, but they were too thin and eventually toppled over from, I suspect, the moisture of the brownies.  Milanos would likely fare better.  I hope you’ll make something like this next year!

Halloween night was particularly fun. Why stop at a pan of Graveyard Brownies when you can tap into your inner child dressing up and heading out for trick-or-treating. Our cover was that we were 18 year old high school students. We got some laughs and comments, but didn’t affect the candy going into the bag. It was a lot of fun running up with toddler – 10 year olds. A friend of mine had recommended this one street in our neighborhood where the whole block does it with Halloween decorations. She was not kidding!  There were haunted houses set-ups, houses with various full-on themes like a pirate ship, houses with 25+ carved pumpkins (like the super difficult designs not your typical jack-o-lantern faces), and more.  These people were spending $1,000s upon $1,000s on their decorations.  The street was absolutely packed too so I can only imagine how much candy they bought.   One house said 650 trick-or-treaters had already come by and this was at probably 7:45 pm!  It was fun to revisit the experience and we have some good loot to pick from in the coming months.  I was a highway patrol officer and Bryan was a Son of Anarchy character.  Here are the photos of our sweet costumes:












  • 1 box of Duncan Hines fudge brownie mix
  • eggs (See brownie mix directions)
  • vegetable oil (See brownie mix directions)
  • 1 can of Chocolate Fudge frosting
  • Pepperidge Farm cookies (preferably Milanos, I used Bordeaux but not as stable)
  • Black or brown writing icing
  • 1 pack of ghost Peeps
  • Green food color
  • Coconut flakes
  • Mellocreme pumpkins
  • Chocolate cookie crumbs (I used Thin Mints, but Oreos would work well too; not pictured)


  1. Follow directions on brownie mix box, baking in a 9 x 13.  Let cool 15 minutes before icing the whole pan.
  2. Tint about 1/2- 1 cup coconut flakes with a few drops of green food coloring and stir well.
  3. Crush cookies in a ziplock bag.
  4. Write RIP on one side of the top of your cookies.
  5. Decorate your pan of brownies like a graveyard!

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