Touchstone Cooking Club: Asian Theme

3 Oct

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You may recall the Running Club wherein my co-workers and I were running together and training for a charity race.  Read here to JOG your memory.  Well, eventually it became wayyyy too hot so we moved onto our next favorite shared hobby.  Unanimously, we arrived at eating.  The COOKING club was born.  The idea is to have a rotating host schedule and change up the theme each time on a monthly basis.  Our first iteration was Southern Comfort food.  I still need to write about that one so consider that an IOU.  The second iteration was an Asian theme.  One of my co-workers majored in Chinese and spent a substantial portion of time there writing his thesis on various Chinese food types.  I did not know about this until after we already planned this gathering, but man did it make me all the more excited for the event.  SIDE NOTE:  This same co-worker is actually a former co-worker who left the government consulting world to pursue his passion for cookies via a now very popular food truck in DC called Captain Cookie and the Milk Man.  His cookies and cookie ice cream sandwiches…just whoa!  This will also be a post to come!

If the Cooking Club were to have all members attend, we’d be looking at around 14 people.  However with varying social schedules, the full capacity is unlikely to ever be reached.  The Southern Comfort Food themed dinner saw 12 of us though so pretty darn close.  Our Asian themed dinner was a bit more intimate with just 5 of us.  Both have been so fun and stomach-rewarding!

Per the slide show, you can see even with 5 of us we did not skimp on the eats.  Between the Chinese dumplings, eggplant dish, sushi, my salad, and drinks/desserts, everyone could have used an unbuttoned pants button in the end I imagine.  I have to say this club has been so worth its formation.  We all know what’s up in the kitchen. Next up is an Oktoberfest theme!  Also, I suspect Bryan and I will host later in the fall/winter and as you would probably guess, it’s going to be Italiano themed.  I personally aim to make it better than any Jersey Shore Sunday Family Dinner…

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