Lucky Number 3

14 Sep

Back in July, I had taken my first LA Boxing class.  Does this jog your memory?  As you may recall, I liked it from the standpoint of being generally into kicking and punching as a workout option.  However, I mentioned I couldn’t see myself justifying this establishment as my central workout membership.  I also was a little dismantled with the whole sub teacher and class quickly thrown together vibe. 

When a Groupon came around for 10 classes for $39 (including hand wraps and glove rental), I was admittedly on the fence.  Reason being that while I did get a good workout in, I was not jazzed by the lack of coordination at the front desk and lack of a solid instructor.  *In walks “practice what you preach.”*  I am an advocate for needing to try a workout a few times before making the decision that it is not for you.  This Groupon also came at a time when I was feeling the need for a change-it-up activity in my workout regiment that was becoming too standardized.  As the photo of gloves might suggest, I ultimately bought the deal. 

So what’s with the title of this post “Lucky Number 3”?  Well, you know how I was not a fan of the awol instructor scenario? I go on Monday to initiate my 10 classes and take class one.  I was going for Kickboxing per the schedule.  The class saw no kicking however.  Instead, the format was Boxing.  This is fine assuming you wanted to do Boxing.  They also did not have hand wraps available and my knuckles were not happy with the short wraps I had.  Again, it was a good workout, but LA Boxing once again showed me their uncoordinated side.  That’s enough of a rant.  On Wednesday, I went with high hopes of my third class being as awesome as friends and Bryan had told me it can be.  I’m happy to report that I really enjoyed this class.  The instructor had a great energy and teaching style and incorporated different sets to the class like a relay race where we split into teams and proceeded bag to bag completing certain punching/kicking combos.  Thus, lucky (class) number 3! This is my perfect example of trying something a few times before you give up on because you just may find you are actually about it.  Who else supports this mentality?

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