Open Kitchen in Falls Church, VA

10 Sep

Open Kitchen in Falls Church, VA boasts a “farm-to-table spirit”.  The kitchen is you guessed it OPEN so no secrets on the preparation of your eats here.  In addition, your meals are prepared as fresh as fresh gets.   They offer dinner Wednesday- Sunday and cooking classes on Saturday-Sunday.  It’s worth noting that the cooking classes can be create your own combo type deal.  If that’s of interest, definitely take a look at the site.  Our mission was about going out to dinner this time and getting servvvvved.  Here’s the menu:

We decided we wanted to do a few starters, split a big entree, and a treat.  It was a really cool experience watching the chefs prepare all of our dishes fresh and right before our eyes.  Yes, food is prepared in front of you at say a Japanese steakhouse, but it was something different because it almost felt individualized.  We started with the Harvest Corn Chowder as well as the Lobster Bread Pudding (pictured below).  The chowder was far better than the Lobster Bread Pudding despite our high hopes given the appeal of the lobster.  I guess a soup with bit of bacon in it is going to be hard to mess up, but the bread pudding was a whole lot of bread and not too much lobster.  This was particularly disappointing given the $16 price tag for the 2-3 bites each we had.  You live, you learn.

The mouth-watering steak and fries pictured at the beginning of this post reflect the 16 oz. Ribeye steak cooked to absolute perfection  with parmesan fries.  I mean look at the inside of this- we requested medium and OMG was it ever succulent.

And you can’t eat all this without finishing it off with a little something sweet.  The Dark Brown Sugar Vanilla Creme Brulee answered the mail to that end (pun intended).

The rest of the meal more than made up for the Lobster Bread Pudding disappointment- almost enough to feel like it didn’t happen.  Although of course there it was on the tab to remind us ha.  Go check out Open Kitchen and try some of the dishes I have recommended.  Oh and one last thing, let me know if the chefs seem super adamant about food runners.  A pretty hilarious part of the dining experience was that if two or three dishes were up on the bar to be served, the head chef would get slightly agitated and yell RUNNERS!  We probably heard that word 15 times across the duration of our meal.  I’ve randomly thought of it since and it makes me giggle.  Have a great start to your week!

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