If I Had to Pick a Favorite Food…

22 Aug

…it’d be Vietnamese!  I’ve had some friends and followers ask what foods I love most.  It is tough tough tough to choose the top favorite, but when it comes down to it my head goes to Vietnamese.  I think this is for two reasons: 1) it’s just amazingly delicious and 2) my family and I used to go out for it a lot when I was growing up so it’s tied to memories as well.  In fact, my mom went into labor with my brother there in January of 1996…a few hours before the blizzard of ’96 snowed in the metro DC area.  They had to spend a number of additional days at the hospital because they were literally snowed in!  Our Vietnamese spot is called Saigon Cafe in Sterling, VA.

The photo above features Grilled Beef with Rice Noodle (grilled beef, carrots, cucumber, crushed peanuts, rice noodles, and fish sauce) and Spicy Saigon Vegetables.  Below is a pic of Vietnamese Spring Rolls (rice paper wrapping, rice noodles, pork, and shrimp) with peanut dipping sauce.  Some other favorites (not pictured) are Fried Spring Rolls and Chicken with Sweet Basil.  I always think of Vietnamese as lighter, fresher asian food as compared to Chinese.  If you haven’t tried before, pleaseeeeee do!

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