Dusting Off The Running Shoes

17 Aug


These beauties have not been getting much love lately.  By lately, I mean since around late April.  As mentioned before, I am a fair weather runner.  This exceptionally steamy summer coupled with my disdain for long runs on a treadmill and my newfound love for spin meant falling off on the running front.  Time to get back in the game though so I’m ready to go on October 21st for the Army ten miler in DC.

I love Hal Higdon’s training programs which you can find online.  He offers novice, intermediate, and advanced training programs to suit your intensity level as well as several distance options.  I’ll be using the 15k novice plan for this race.  That is actually 9.3 miles but I’ll just add a little more distance to my last long training runs to be adequately prepared.

I’m excited to have a training buddy in my friend Emily.  We’ve planned to run Tuesday and Thursday mornings until it cools off.  She wont be running this race but enjoys getting some work outs in in the morning.  Claire was able to lock-in a bib too so I imagine we’ll get some runs in as well!  Unfortunately, Heather, my college bestie, was not so lucky but she will be training up in Jerz and running it anyway.  Go Heather! 

This week saw a few get back in running condition jogs from me.  Nothing to celebrate over just a couple 2 and 3 milers but per an inspiring quote I stumbled on this week I found some baby steps and am taking them.  Happy weekend to all!   

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