Spin Class Meets Boot Camp

3 Aug

NOTE:  I will be switching my blog post schedule to M, W, F moving forward!

This past Monday I took a spin-meets-bootcamp class hosted by one of Revolve’s fantastic instructors, Grant. Grant is also the founder of (as well as a personal trainer for) a bootcamp-inspired personal training business called MyBootcamp. The class we would be doing would include around a half hour of indoor cycling followed by a quick transition to regular sneakers and a jog to a nearby park. There, one of MyBootcamp’s trainers, Nathan, would lead the group in bootcamp moves for the remainder of the hour.  

Upon arrival, I found that all bikes were adorned with MyBootcamp branded goodies including an athletic drawstring bag and water bottles.  Grant made excellent use of the short spinning window with an intervals-packed ride accompanied by super energizing music.  Next thing I knew it was time to start the boot camp portion of the class. Once the whole class made it over to the park, Nathan divided the class into groups of three.    

Each group would move together from station to station which featured a particular exercise.  The exercises would be executed for a minute each followed by 30 mountain climbers before proceeding the next station.  Nathan provided a demonstration of each exercise and we got down to business ultimately completing each station one time.  The stations included:   

  1. Push-ups
  2. Lunges or Plyometric Jump Lunges
  3. Planks
  4. Plank Arm In and Outs
  5. Squats or Squat Jumps    

To close out the bootcamp session, Grant and Nathan had the groups do a power slam challenge with a firehose.  Free shirts for each group member were on the line for the group who completed the most power slams in a minute. Our groups were allowed to rotate team members in and out however we pleased.  The winning team ultimately completed 110 power slams.  This was not my team however so no shirts for us womp wompppp.  I did get a good change it up workout out of the class though!  Trying new things is always good to keep the body guessing. 

A little more on My Bootcamp…Bryan has actually done a few personal training packages with one of the MyBootcamp trainers, Billy, and learned a lot in addition to getting a ridiculous workout in.  Come to think of it, some days walking was an issue following a session with Billy.   I may look into some personal training or boot camp classes in the future with them myself.  Interested in boot camp classes or personal training from MyBootcamp?  Check out their website (http://my-bootcamp.com/) for more information.

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