A Week of Crab Take 3: Crab Pasta

27 Jul

To finish off our remaining crab left overs, we pulled out one of Bryan’s grandfather’s pasta sauces out of the freezer to make crab pasta.  The Ercolano family sauce recipe is bar none.  Feel free to make it more often, Bryan.  No room for subtlety here.   This was a super easy meal- simply heating up some sauce, throwing in some crab, and preparing the whole wheat angel hair.

I plan to do more “Week Of’s” in the future.  One being a week of ___ fresh herb.  I hate hate hate when you buy a big bunch of herbs and you only need like a tablespoon for a recipe.  Next thing you know the leftovers have started going bad in the fridge and you have used 2% of it.  Rant complete.  How do you all deal with left overs?  

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