Twilight Kayak Tour at Jack’s Boathouse

19 Jul

Creative date ideas are key for us (we have a bucket list of sorts of things we want to do and food spots we want to hit) and we’d been talking about kayaking at Jack’s Boathouse for what felt like years.  I think it actually had been a thought for years truthfully.  The LivingSocial Date Night Tour for Jack’s Boathouse answered our prayers.  For $46, we both would get to embark on a kayak group tour for 90 minutes heading out under the Key bridge towards the Kennedy Center, Memorial Bridge, Washington harbor, and Watergate rounding Roosevelt Island.  Best part?  It would be at twilight.  As you can see, it was very serene and pretty at that hour of 7 pm.  What you can’t see is how hot and humid it was.  PHEW!  The frappucinos we grabbed in Rosslyn before we walked over the Key bridge to Jack’s were a genius idea.  Side note: We asked for light caramel fraps but got the full sugar/2% milk ones sans whipped cream.  Not the worst thing to ever happen to us.  In fact, Bryan could not stop talking about how delicious it was across the rest of the night.

We arrived about a half hour or so early and just chilled in their big colorful chairs by the dock.  They offer a bunch of snacks and cold drinks as well as an area to have a group cookout with several grills.  A few minutes before 7 pm, Jack gathered the group of around 40-50 people to chat logistics, safety rules, and general kayaking instructions/ tips.  We could choose one or two seat kayaks and elected the one seaters.  For the next hour, we took on the Potomac River.  I found I was not the fastest kayaker in the world lagging behind many of the two seat kayaks out there but they did have double the power in their boat so whatever.  As you can see, B was just a natural…

At the hour mark, we had the option to keep going around the Three Sisters Island or go on back to the dock.  We chose to go back to the dock solely because we were starving.  B surprised me with some awesome thai food and then mother nature surprised us with a derecho.  It was hard to believe that a just few hours after we had been on the peaceful Potomac paddling around that the DC metro area would incur 60-80 mph winds, flooding, and insane power outages!  We lived to see another day thankfully.  Here are a few more pics from our kayaking adventure below.  Stay tuned for other deals to check out Jack’s Boathouse tours or other services or simply visit the website and go visit them.   We had a great time!

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