Honey Pig Korean BBQ

12 Jul

So I’ve done Korean BBQ food trucks and I’ve done the Japanese steakhouse thing where they cook delicious teriyaki items in front of you.  I love both so the fusion of Korean BBQ and cooking it right before my eyes was a good fit in the end.  I’d heard plenty buzz around Honey Pig (located in Annandale, Virginia) before, but had not made it out there.  Bryan, being the king of deal-a-days that he is, had a voucher thus presenting me with a reason to try it out. 

The ambiance is pretty unique.  Nothing fancy- cement floor, ceiling with tile paneling, and music playing at a decently high volume ranging from Lady Gaga to what I would guess were Korean pop hits.  We also found out that the place is open 24 hours!  Pretty crazy.  Immediately you know you’ll have a good time though.  As soon as we were seated, a bunch of items were put on our table such as a fresh salad, kimchi, and a cucumber slices marinated in a variety of sauces.  Our waitress (we’d come to find that the wait staff actually seems to float around as opposed to a specific set of tables) took our drink order and started up the table top grill. 

We knew Bulgogi (a seasoned tender cut of beef) was happening, but spent some time on the selection of the second entree.  Spicy Intestine Chul Pan and Soybean Paste Stew were easy options for us to eliminate.  Admittedly, I could not find what Spicy Intestine Chul Pan is exactly, but I was turned off enough by the intestine part of the name.  Similarly,  Soybean Paste was not an item we’d crave.  We ultimately decided on Spicy Pork Belly thinking it similar to fatty bacon.  It turned out to be along those lines so good choice!  Here are some pics of our meal cooking:

All in all, perception met reality as the experience was great.  Friendly and attentive wait staff delivered tasty meats, sauces, and sides.  We did not finish the Spicy Pork Belly as it was one of those dishes where you get to the point that you have had your fill of it.  No regrets on ordering/trying it though.  I’d like to go back and maybe even at a random hour like 2 am to take advantage of their 24 hour operations.  It could totally be the new late diner experience.  Who else has been to Honey Pig before.  What do you think?

4 Responses to “Honey Pig Korean BBQ”

  1. Jimmy Cracked-Corn July 13, 2012 at 9:48 am #

    I wonder of the ‘intestine’ part of the name was just an Engrish way of saying ‘sausage.’

    • lifeasabalancedbean July 14, 2012 at 10:50 am #

      Hi Jimmy! You could be totally right. Either way the word intestine doesn’t call to me in terms of eating.

  2. Kimchicesca July 22, 2012 at 10:50 am #

    Yessss Honeypig is the BEST!

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