Lighter Libations

10 Jul

I would guess that many of you know that most alcoholic beverages are not waistline friendly.  If you didn’t, know that a lot of those fruity drinks with spears of fruit or umbrellas stuck into them come in around 400-1,000 calories a pop.  Is there no hope you might ask?!  There’s always a way to lighten things up my friends- fear not.  I have gathered a number of ready-to-serve cocktails for you to consider as you think about your next trip to grab some adult beverages.  Enjoy!

Here are some suggestions whether you are a rum, tequila, vodka, wine, or sangria sorta summer drinker…

IF YOU LIKE PINA COLADAS…and lower calories in your drink! (the remix obv):

  • Skinnygirl ready-to-serve cocktails like the Pina Colada which combines rum, coconut, vanilla, and pineapple comes in around 90 calories for 4 oz.
  • Like your rum, but prefer more of minty flavor?  Perhaps a Bacardi Light Mojito is for you then.  Again, around 90 calories for 4 oz.   It has the great minty-ness but is made with pure cane sugar.  No fake sugary taste here!



  • Skinnygirl offers a lovely White Cranberry Cosmo cocktail – again under 100 cal for 4 oz. 
  • A fav of mine though comes from Skinnytaste.  The watermelon martini mmmm.  A bit more work than some of these ready-to-make ones, but worth it.  6 oz AND 1/4 cup watermelon per serving is just 90 calories!  Do yourself a favor and make this for a day by the pool my friends.
  • Like your mojitos with vodka instead?  VNC Cocktails  offers that same mint and lime juice flavor just against a vodka not rum base.  There are no preservatives either.  A little over the 100 calorie mark, 3.4 oz of this drink is about 110 calories.  Check out their other ready-to-serve cocktails as they have quite the spread to please any palette!


  • Eppa SupraFruta Red Sangria is fantastic with flavors like pomegranate, blueberry, blood orange, and acai juices!  This kind packs serious antioxidants too- 2x that of a glass of red wine in fact.  120 calories for 5 oz.
  • Skinnygirl offers a few wines (California Red, Rose, and White) as well as a ready-t0-serve sangria cocktail worth checking out too. 
  • Your best bets for lower calorie wines in general as they so kindly don’t give you the nutrition facts: White Zinfandel, Chablis, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnays.  They tend to come in at about 100 calories per 5 oz serving.

Hope you’ll enjoy some of these lighter libations 🙂  Tell me about your favorite light cocktails!

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