Take Me Out to the Ballgame

7 Jul

Confession time: I go to sporting events for the food not for the game.  C’mon…I know I’m not the only one. Am I?  This past Tuesday I went to the Nats game with Bryan and our fabulous couple friends Dan and Emily.  It was a blazing 97 degrees so eating something absolutely mind blowing was a must to make bearing the heat worth it.

The night started off pretty hilariously.  Dan had purchased the tickets and as we attempted to proceed through the turnstiles we were denied.  How did we know you ask?  Perhaps it was the combo of a locked turnstile, red blinking light, and horrible buzzer sound that set us off.  As it would turn out, Dan bought tickets for THURSDAY’s game not Tuesday.  Poor guy felt so bad, but truthfully it made the night interesting and I love when little life blunders like that come up.  We proceeded to Ticket Services to find that the game was virtually sold out.  Our options were to buy $90 skybox type tickets ($60 more than our seats) or $15 standing room tickets (and incur a $15 loss in value).

We ultimately chose the $15 seats and grabbed some cold beers to kick off the night.  Unfortunately, we had to take shifts for food to hold down our little bar spot but the four of us got exactly what we wanted.  Bryan and I took food shift #1.  For me, a Ben’s Chili Bowl Half Smoke loaded with chili and cheese and a side of fries is the way to go when I go to a Nats game.  Bryan varies on his selections, but grabbed a Philly cheese steak from Steak of the Union this time.  We resumed ownership of our standing room bar spot for Dan and Emily to grab Blue Smoke.  This was not a choice they made immediately- some perusing ensued.  Ultimately, a pulled pork sandwich and breaded chicken sandwich would satisfy their cravings.

As delicious as it sounds and as it was, the highlight had not happened yet.  Three words: SHAKE SHACK CONCRETES.  OMGGGG.  The creamiest vanilla custard with chocolate toffee pieces, chocolate sprinkles, and malt make up this shake-like treat.  I can’t seem to remember the name, but I think it is special to the park.  Neither here nor there- point is that is THE dessert you must get at Nats Stadium.  I was in a pretty serious food coma following annihilating that thing.

While Ben’s Chili Bowl and Shake Shack are my go-to’s at Nats Stadium, I’d love to hear about yours.  Leave me a comment!

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