Pinkberry’s Greek Goodness

19 Jun

Recently, I grabbed Pinkberry fro yo as an afternoon snack during a particularly busy work week.  I don’t walk out of Pinkberry with less than a huge smile ever, but this time I was even happier because I got a voucher for a complimentary snack-sized Greek Goodness.  This is Pinkberry expanding its menu to include frozen as well as unfrozen yogurt.  Greek Goodness is the name for Pinkberry’s new greek yogurt menu items.  Honestly, had I not received this voucher I’d likely continue to go back to Pinkberry for their Salted Caramel, Original, or Pomegranate fro yo and toppings for the rest of time.  I’m thrilled I did though.  As you can see from the photo above, these greek yogurt creations come in sweet and savory varieties.  They also come in 2 sizes- snack and meal.  I chose the Kiwi concoction.  This included the greek yogurt, sliced kiwi, fresh strawberries, and mango as well as a lowfat honey almond granola and vanilla agave.  I think life started when I tried this agave.  Oh my goooooooosh.  I know it is often used in recipes to substitute for honey and is actually sweeter, but I don’t know why I’ve never tried it.  Kicking myself.  Overall, this greek yogurt snack was awesome.  It was reasonable too at 190 calories/ 2.5 g fat/ 19 g sugar (not much different than flavored Chobani greek yogurt per a frame of reference)/14 g protein.   You must give it a try!  It is offered with some degree of exclusivity however as Massachusetts, DC Metro area, and Southern California locations are the only spots that feature it currently.  Another plus for my DC friends to know is that our locations are open at 8 am to serve breakfast. That includes all DC, Maryland, and Virginia locations.  I suggest grabbing a meal size to kick off your day!  I know I’ll be doing that one day on my way to the metro.  Happy to have found a new summery snack and to have discovered this love of agave nectar.  Double win.  I’ll close with a photo of my snack-sized Kiwi Greek Goodness:

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