Panache DC

14 Jun

My friends! I’m sorry I missed the mark for posting early this week.  I’m getting over being sick and hard as I tried I couldn’t get it together to post.  I have some good ideas lined up to make it up to you though.  Before I jump into B and I’s  recent new dinner adventure, it’s worth visiting a couple tips to avoid getting sick (or sicker as was the case for me.)  Eat well, sleep lots, and exercise are the basics.  Simple enough, but have an honest check in with yourself sometimes and assess if you are actually doing that.  If you feel like you’re developing something, don’t stack your schedule chock full of activities especially lots of walking or hiking ( I went hiking Monday for 2 1/2 hours.)  Rather, get some freaking rest.  Being honest with myself, I had been a little negligent on the sleeping.  Further,  I assumed allergies when I started feeling off early last week.  Then, I was in denial about being sick until I was in the thick of it feeling like total crap the past few days. Cherry on top:  I got Bryan sick too.  I’m a rotten human. Yup.  So my message is this:  Take care of yourselves! Who wants to be sick in the summer months when there is so much opportunity to do fun things?!

Back on track here…B and I just passed the 6 year mark of dating.  Good food is absolutely a must when there is anything to celebrate in our relationship.  We decided to try out a new restaurant and follow with dessert at Cold Stone Creamery.  Cold Stone makes Bryan insanely happy.  Look how genuine this smile is:

We had dinner at Panache located in DC across from the famous Mayflower hotel.  The ambiance is fairly casual but you get that upscale dining type of experience.  It is known for Mediterranean, French, and Spanish tapas.  We were in the mood for fish though so we decided to order the crab cakes and pan-seared mahi mahi special and share them.  I ordered a mixed salad and Bryan asked for French onion soup per some starters.  The presentation was very nice and the food came out quickly.  We were impressed that we ended up in and out in 50 minutes yet we did not feel rushed.  The mahi mahi came with a fresh, flavorful mango salsa on top and cilantro rice and steamed vegetables on the side.  The crab cakes were served with the steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes.  We both enjoyed the restaurant overall, but agreed we may not necessarily crave it on a regular basis.   I could, however, see us going back to try out the tapas selection!  Here are pics from dinner and keep on reading for Cold Stone deets.

Curious what we got at Cold Stone?  We’re both in LOVE with the All Lovin’ No Oven Signature Creation.  This includes the Cake Batter ice cream, fudge, cookie dough, and whipped cream.  We take this already awesome combo to another level though.  I add caramel to mine.  Bryan adds caramel AND brownie.  My topping addition almost warrants the next cup size up as not to overflow.  Bryan’s brownie, on the other hand, REQUIRES the cup size up because of the sheer mass it adds.  It’s pretty hilarious how the Cold Stone employees look at us when we order and funnier still that we get warned of the imminent cost increase associated with our addition of fatty goodness.  YES, we are fine with the extra $0.79!  Anyone craving Cold Stone now? Sorry about it…

2 Responses to “Panache DC”

  1. elizabeth @ chronic venture June 15, 2012 at 2:01 pm #

    I pass by Panache on my way home from work every day, it looks delicious. Will definitely have to stop and try it one day!

    • lifeasabalancedbean June 19, 2012 at 10:17 am #

      It was definitely tasty! Again, not the BEST meal you’ll ever have in life, but if you walk by each day it is worth checking it out.

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