Grilling Isn’t Just for the Weekend!

7 Jun

Normally, grilling out may be more of a weekend thing, but why not break the mold and have a fantastic dinner mid-week with good friends?!  Adrienne and David, our recently married friends, invited us over to grill out last night.  We did a tag team effort on the dinner items.  Bryan and I were responsible for a side veggie and something sweet and the Belkens were going to provide pork chops and potatoes.  I prepared the Garlic Roasted Broccoli that I blogged about a while ago to fulfill the veggie side contribution.  As for the treat, we went with a summer time favorite: angel food cake, fresh sliced strawberries, and Lite Cool Whip.  A reasonable yet satisfying sweet something 🙂  Adrienne had the pork chops marinading all day in Wicker’s and David did a great grill master job on these bad boys last night.  Homemade mashed redskin potatoes were the perfect compliment to the pork chops and broccoli.  See the action shot below!  The boys enjoyed their Abita Strawberry Lagers and Southern Pecan Ales while Adrienne and I sipped on white wine.  All in all, it was a perfect and healthy mid-week meal with great company.

Adrienne in action whipping up the mashed potatoes!

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