Fire Works Pizza Arlington

31 May

We were feeling pizza night last Thursday.  The contenders were Rustico, Pupatella, and Fire Works which are all Arlington spots offering a good slice!  Ultimately we decided on Fire Works for convenience sake since it is walking distance from our place and I was doing a gym class immediately before.  If Bryan doesn’t eat before 8 pm, he gets hangry- so hungry he’s angry- so it is imperative you get him to food ASAP.  I had tried Fire Works once before for lunch and remembered it being pretty decent so no qualms on my end. 

After waiting 20 minutes or so, we had decided on our meal choices and were ready to eat our arms.  We started with Stuffed Lamb Meatballs.  They were stuffed with goat cheese and served atop marinara.  Pretty tasty and tender although after having those ridiculous Filet Mignon Meatballs in Vegas, all other meatballs may be lackluster for me moving forward.  Just a fact of life.  One and a half meatballs did not satisfy the rumbles so the arrival of “The Fire ‘Works'” pizza was very welcomed.  The pizza was topped with Italian sausage, pepperoni, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and tomato sauce and cheese.  We opted for the 10 inch which offered us 3 slices each- perfect to save room for dessert!  The pizza was a thinner style and there could have been a little more sauce going on, but it was certainly enjoyable.  Best I’ve ever had?  Not quite.  I REALLY love Lost Dog pizza.  Ironically enough our waiter looked very familiar and I had a hunch I’d seen him at Lost Dog before.  It turns out he still works there and at Fire Works.  I asked him to tell us which spot has his favorite pizza to which he answered perfectly as not to get himself in trouble.  He likes his own homemade style of pizza best because he can choose the toppings and make the crust in such as way to capture the combination of the best of both spots.  Fair enough I guess.  I’ll need to make a visit to Lost Dog soon and I’ll tell you all about the fantastic pizza they offer!

So the pizza and meatballs became a thing of the past and the sweet tooth crept up.  We’d seen Yelp reviews on the Hot Cookie Dough Sundae and made a game time decision.  Our otherwise not too sinful meal quickly made a turn for SIN. Typical.  Luckily, it was not a body ruiner as it was fairly small.  It was the type of sundae where the cookie is cooked and crispy on the outside, but totally gooey and undercooked inside.  It was topped with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.  A classic winner of a treat!  All cravings for that night were met with success 🙂

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