Pre-Memorial Burn Ride at Revolve

26 May

On Thursday night, I took the Pre-Memorial Burn ride at Revolve.  You know- that awesome cycling studio in Arlington that I told you about where I did that SPINco de Mayo ride?   Led by a motivational and highly-enthusiastic instructor, Dorothy, Pre-Memorial Burn ride infused those songs that immediately make you think and feel like summer into Revolve’s extended Complete Body Ride.  This made for an INSANE hour of heart-thumping, muscle toning, sweat-dripping fun.  The “Burn” part of this ride’s name was no joke.  If you wanted that bathing suit ready bod, you came to the right spot.

The class kicked off with a warm-up to LFO’s “Summer Girls”  to get those legs and behinds ready for the hour ahead.  How can you not be psyched for the work out ahead with that song?!  A variety of music genres like fun country song “Summer Girl” or pop hit “Whine Up” got all us riders through those climbing hills, up downs, and sprint intervals.  The heart rate came down a bit and those arm muscles were put to the test with a couple upper body tracks targeting those shoulders, biceps, triceps and more.  The sweet sound of Justin Timberlake’s voice in tracks like “Summer Love” or “LoveStoned” was plenty motivation to work it on the upper body front.  Guy riders: you don’t have to admit it, because it’s just a fact! 

Just when we wondered if we could make it through the whole ride, Dorothy was hopping off her bike urging the class to think of why they came to Pre-Memorial Burn ride and to visualize what was at the top of the big, steep hills we were climbing.  Her occasional dancing on the bike or lip syncing to the songs made the ambiance all the more fun and inspiring!  

This is what you can expect from Revolve rides getting you ready for milestone weekends like Memorial Day.  Have so much fun this weekend if you’re beaching it up!  If you’re here in the Arlington area and want to experience a ride like the Pre-Memorial Burn, check out classes on Sunday or Monday led by other fantastic Revolve instructor.  I recommend that you grab your seats ASAP as these classes will be full before you know it.   

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