True or False?: All Wedding Food is Bad

19 May

I feel like we often hear that wedding food for lack of a better word sucks.  I actually have not had this experience much myself , but I certainly hear horror stories of the meat entree being frozen in the middle or the food being extremely bland.  As we approach the biggest wedding season of the year, I’d thought we should chat about it.  Of course, I’d love your comments- the good, the bad, and the ugly!

On the issue of cocktail hour, I would say I’ve never been unhappy.  This could have to do with the fact that I’m ready for a drink and some yummy sustenance depending on the length of the ceremony or that I’m hoping that crab cakes are going to happen.  Who knows?!  Either way little finger foods and dips work for me.  My friend, Adrienne, who got married in New Orleans in early March of this year had very tasty softball-sized crab cakes at her cocktail hour.  Seriously they were massive.  Bless you, Adrienne, bless you.  Shrimp, mini tart, or stuffed mushroom apps are crowd pleasers too in my mind.  Sometimes I feel bad for the cocktail hour servers because depending on the crowd pleasing level of the app, they either get swarmed or have to continuously offer their app selection to people.  The guy/girl with the crab cakes or shrimp are always stalked out hard.   

I have been to weddings with plated dinners and buffet-style dinners and I’d say there are pro’s and con’s to both.  Plated dinners are nice because you are getting served and can look forward to multiple courses.  On the downside, the food can come out cold and the dishes may be served very sporadically.  It’s no fun when everyone is doing the polite thing waiting for everyone at the table to be served and just oneeeee person does not have their food yet.  Also, the portion sizes leave much to be desired.  Buffets, on the other hand, offer a bunch of choices and you can choose your portion-sizes.  However, sometimes the good stuff runs out before you get to it.  I’ve heard of people ending up with just veggies for dinner and not because they are vegetarians.  ROUGH!  I do not envy the caterer’s job to please a big group with varying expectations and palettes.  I completely appreciate the challenge of serving so many.  I just wanted to share my general perspective on wedding cuisine. 

I’ll close with my most recent wedding experience which was last weekend.  I applaud that caterer as I thoroughly enjoyed the appetizers and the dinner.  Cocktail hour featured beef wellington, shrimp cocktail, mini BLT croissants, and hot crab as well as spinach dip.  The dinner menu is pictured below as well as some other photos for your viewing pleasure.  The crab cake first course was a win of course.  The groom is from Baltimore so you were not going to have a nasty crab cake served to you at this wedding.  The filet was cooked to my liking (medium), was still warm, and was accompanied by a few steamed asparagus spears and mashed potatoes.  No complaints!  The colors at the wedding were JMU-inspired purple and gold so everything including the cake was absolutely gorgeous.  The cake had a white cake with berry filling option and a moist (and higher quality) rich chocolate cake option.  True to form Bryan and I grabbed opposite flavors and shared.  Congratulations on your marriage, Craig and Elizabeth…and on your great food choices for your guests 🙂   

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