School’s Out, Cardio Kickbox is In!

15 May

Well, school is out for the next two weeks anyway, but a new term means I get my Monday nights back which have historically included my favorite gym class.  If you haven’t tried a Les Mills Body Combat class, you need to!  My gym no longer has the rights to the trademarked class format and the music that accompanies it, but it is largely the same- we just call it Cardio Kickbox now.   It is essentially a cardio meets mixed martials art class.  Between the amp-you-up music and the karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi, and muay thai moves, you can look forward to burning a RIDICULOUS amount of calories in 55 minutes.  We’re talking like over 700 calories! It is not for the faint of heart let me tell you.  Bring your badass persona along with ample water and a towel.  If you happen to give it a go at Washington Sports Club in Clarendon, prepare for instructor Damion Moss to really push you to your limit.  Regardless, you will be delighted to find out that roundhouse kicks are not just for Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris.

I made my glorious return to the class last night and I’m feeling it today.  It was quite tough to do spin class this morning after all those Capoeira moves (Brazilian form of martial arts that incorporates elements of dance and music) including a seemingly endless series of a type of lunge (I’d have to look up the name or maybe Damion will comment with it!), esquiva (literal meaning is escape or dodge) , and side kicks.  Just when you are running out of steam, Damion checks on us with a few chants like, “Feels good?” to which we are expected to reply, “Feels great!”  Another is, “What do you do to your opponent?” to which we are expected to yell, “OWN IT!”  We (the class and Damion) joke that that second one does not exactly make sense but it feels good to scream it.

I wanted to share another fitness activity I love with you all!  I hope you’ll give this fitness class a try as a result of my glowing review :).  In other fitness news, I am officially signed up for the Army 10-miler in October.  The registration opened at 12:01 am today and it was sold out within 8 hours.  Apparently this race is no joke!  A number of my co-workers as well as my college best friend were unable to secure a spot as they tried to register after 8:00 am.  Luckily, as of June 1 a buy/sell period for race bibs will open so hopefully they will all be able to get in on the second try!  I’m psyched to get back into longer distance running shape.  More to come on those training adventures…

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