Sin City and All Of Its Sinful Food

1 May

Sin City by Night ...simply beautiful!

Pardon my absence for the past week and a bit.  I had been on vacation in Vegas and was hopeful to drop some posts from there real-time, but truthfully I was taking in all Sin City had to offer with its lavish casinos, entertaining shows, and, of course, delicious cuisine.  First, let me say that I maintained my Balanced Bean persona there thanks to a fantastic gym in our hotel, the Aria.  Also, while some out of control sinner meals were had so were some reasonable meal choices to counteract the fatness.

As the title of this post suggests, I am far more excited to share the sinner meal experiences.  I’ll pay quick tribute to some of the yummy, healthier meals but let’s spend more time exploring the bathing suit body ruining ones.  One of the first breakfasts we had was in advance of our first day at the  pool so we went the healthy direction.  I chose a lowfat yogurt with fresh berries parfait and 2 over easy eggs with a nonfat latte.  Bryan went with eggs, hashbrowns, and toast (which he left behind) as well as a latte.  Thus, we felt alright in bathing suits…for a brief time.

Aria's Cafe Vettro for Breakfast

Ok, you saw a  healthy meal.  Can we please just move on to the sinner meals?  I knew you’d understand!  One of our first dinners ended up being one of our favorite meals from a little, nothing special-looking Italian restaurant in the Venetian called Trattoria Reggiano.  Having been to Italy before, it struck me like a little streetside cafe.  The meal was nothing short of incredible regardless of the look!  We started out with homemade garlic knots which immediately gave the knee jerk reaction of “Mmmmmmmmmmm.” For an appetizer, the FILET MIGNON meatballs all but jumped off the menu at us.  Just as you would expect, they melted in your mouth like a good filet does.  Our main course was a brick oven pizza topped with super fresh mozzarella, sausage, a great tomato sauce, and obvious “hints” of olive oil.  From my description of the meal and these pictures below, don’t you want to fly to Vegas right now?

That meal set the bar high for the rest of the trip, but Bryan already knew a meal that would be had giving this one a true run for its money.  Enter Hash House a Go Go with its “Twisted Farm Food” appeal.  We grabbed this meal for Bryan’s birthday breakfast.  They offer Mango Iced Tea (mango is my all time fav fruit) which made me tre excited immediately and otherwise Bryan’s glowing reviews normally don’t steer me wrong.  We opted for the Brown Sugar Banana Flapjack and one of their signature hash dishes including chorizo sausage, tomato, jalapeno, and cheddar paired with breakfast potatoes and scrambled eggs.  The size of these dishes were NO joke.  The flapjack?  The size of BOTH of our heads practically.  The hash dish?  A definite “to share” entree.  Are you reading this FROM your flight to Vegas, my friends?

Hash House a Go Go

One more Vegas highlight for ya.  I would have loved to share the play by play of the Bellagio buffet dinner we had for my birthday dinner, but quite frankly I was SO excited (like a kid in a candy shop I wanted EVERYTHING) that I didn’t take many pictures.  Instead I spent some quality time with two of my top loves, food and Bryan.  I promise you I did it right because I did not walk out of there when we could stuff ourselves no more- I waddled.  Flowy shirts are a girl’s best friend!  So what I do have to share for a final Vegas highlight is our small plates dinner we had one night.  Another restaurant/bar in our hotel called American Fish offered $5 small plates before 7 pm each afternoon.  As we had a night of lounges and club ahead, we wanted to eat something on the lighter side at least in term of mass.   We ordered 5 savory small plates and 1 sweet small plate (ended up with 2 because they messed up our order to our advantage.)  What you see here is as follows: truffle mac n’cheese with mushrooms and peas, prime rib sandwiches, fish and chips, dungeness crab truffles, shrimp and grits, white chocolate bread pudding, and mascarpone cheesecake.

Aria's American Fish Small Plates

Aria's American Fish Small Plates

Aria's American Fish Small Plates

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